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Would love to keep following your journey to adopt! We have been registered in one region in Russia for 8 months and this weekend our agency is sending our new dossier to another region to be registered. The hope is for us to travel before the summer shutdown.
We live in FL. Our blog is

God bless!

Ummm I left a comment on yr blog last week asking if I could still follow & now I see the password protection has kicked in.

Does this mean I was too late?


I have checked in on your blog from time to time. I am adopting from Russia and I have been praying to that I would see that you have completed your adoption too.
I would love t follow along but I understand if you want it to be private.

Here is my email address if you want to send me the password

I would love to still follow your journey. I check in from time to time to see if there were any new posts...hoping for exciting news.

Hi JennStar,

I followed the link here from a comment you made on my blog. I would love to read about your adoption journey, if you wouldn't mind sharing the password.



I would love to follow your blog...I have you on our blog under blogs I read. Really would love to follow in your journey.

Renae and Joe

I would love to follow your journey. We started our adoption process through Russia, and ended up adopting from South Korea.

Thank you!!

Hi Jenn -

I read your blog awhile back. I would love an invite to your new blog. We have two boys through IA, one from Russia. We just received our referral for our daughter and will leave on June 22nd!! Thanks!


Hey, Jenn!

I'd *love* to hear what's going on with you. I didn't know you'd gone private. I thought you'd stopped blogging.


Hey Jenn
I've been such a bad blogger lately and finally found some time to check my favorites. I would love to follow along on your new blog if you wouldn't mind.

I would love to follow your blog. We are traveling for first trip in a week.

Hey Jenn,
I wonder if you check this anymore but I would love to hear what's going on with your adoption. Please keep in touch!
-Penny G

i would still love to be able to read your blog, honey! :)

Hello, my husband and I have been following your blog for a little while. We are adopting a little one from russia as well. We enjoy reading others that are on the same journey. We would like to continue to reading your blog if that is okay with you. If not God bless you and we pray you get your baby soon, Anne & James

Hi Jenn,

You already invited me to your website, however, I forgot the password to get in. Could you invite me again please. I would love to follow along in your journey!


Hi Jenn! I'd like to read your blog too!

Hey, may I have your password? Pretty please with sugar on top??



It's good to hear from you! I miss being able to read your blog and was hoping you were doing well.

Would love to follow along with you. :)

Hi Jen, will you re-send your login info. to me please?

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